Dead Drift by AJ Hill

I was sent a copy of this book to review as part of a Zooloo’s book blog tour.

About the book

Former Detective Inspector Jack Lunn is enjoying the quiet life.

Twenty years on from being medically retired from the job with Hampshire Police, he’s earned his quiet routine of long walks in the New Forest.

However, Jack’s peace is shattered when he discovers the body of a friend and local landowner while on a fishing trip.

Drawn into the investigation, he comes face to face with an old colleague, and the police investigation machine he thought he had left behind.

As family secrets are exposed and a reporter takes an interest, Jack and his partner’s eldest daughter Gemma, a former military intelligence officer set to work to uncover who killed his friend.

As the body count rises, can they both unravel the mystery before it’s too late, or will Jack’s life be sacrificed as just so much dead drift


If you love BBC murder mysteries, this is the book for you.

In between pints of beer, fishing, and crafting tackle, Jack Lunn uses his contacts to help find a murderer most foul.

Jack lives in a town where everybody knows everyone, but nobody knows people as well as Jack does. Jack is a smart, determined, and some would stubborn character. Although he doesn’t set out to get on people’s nerves, he has a habit of doing so just by asking the questions that nobody else seems to think of.

You can’t help but root for Jack, he has good intentions, and will strive for justice even at the cost of his own wellbeing.

A very well thought out storyline that readers will enjoy.

See if you can figure out the culprit before the big reveal!

A good read.

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